Another busy weekend…with sports

Due to a minor injury less doing sports and more watching sports. The olympics, german football league starting…and what not. Along the way I worked off my last freelance jobs…so the coming weeks should be a lot less crowded…at least when it comes to working, unless I get the new job I’m applying for, then the “workless” times could be over quite quickly ;)

Maybe this could work for your and my benefit

Inspired by ShoeMoney‘s Free Shirt Friday I would like to introduce the Free Stuff Day. How I envision this thing to take off is:

  1. You’ve got a site you want to promote?
  2. You’ve got some swag* promoting your site?
  3. Send it to us and we will post a pic of the swag and provide at least one link back to your site.
  4. Both sides win ;-)

If you’re interested in sending us your swag, feel free to send it to:
Ingo Hildebrandt
ATTN: Free Stuff Day
Neckargasse 7
71726 Benningen

If you’ve got questions and suggestions feel free to contact us at! Oh, and if it’s a T-Shirt you’re sending, please make it XL and include a note with the address of the site/blog on it (only necessary if it’s not on the T-Shirt). Thank you.

* Promotional merchandise for a band, record label, or other entity in the music business, usually distributed at concerts.

May include t-shirts, stickers, promo CDs, posters, etc. Often free, but not necessarily; a t-shirt or record purchased at a concert might still be considered swag, especially if it is a design or release that is not readily available in the mass market.

Many independent record labels throw in a handful of free swag when they ship out mail-order packages (stickers, sampler CDs, etc).

The chief difference between swag and regular merchandise is that its purpose is not to make a profit, but to promote the band/label, and reward its supporters by giving them something cool and unique.
Source: Urban Dictionary

Remembering 9/11

It’s weird how everytime something REALLY bad happens in the world, you tend to not only remember it for a long time, but also where you were/what you were doing when it happened. I still remember it like it was yesterday. 9/11/01 started out like every other day for me as I was chilling at home during the semester break from uni. I got up in the morning, enjoy my breakfast and newspaper and went on to play some XBox later on. Once I turn on the tv, flipping through the channels looking for nothing special, just zapping, I came to channel 23 (which is CNN on my tv) and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I sat there in shock as the whole thing was evolving in front of the world’s eyes. As soon as the second plane hit, I knew that there was something horribly wrong…I watched the whole day until there was nothing new to report anymore…friends were calling in to talk about it and we all couldn’t believe what was going on. An attack on the USA? With american planes? In the middle of NY City? Wtf is going on? Is the world gone insane…

As I type this, six years later, I still can’t figure out how someone could do something like this and so all that is left for me is to say: my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their friends and families…may something like this NEVER happen again…

remembering 9/11

Happy New Year

After using the first 6hours of January 1st 2005 and the next 7 hours for sleep, it’s 13:18. So, a new year. I wish it to be a happy one for all of my family, friends, readers and generally everyone that knows me!

Now this is slowly starting to get on my nerves. I submitted my site to be added to the open directory (category Top: Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Personal: I) some weeks ago and I didn’t hear a thing back. I guess it’s at the discretion of the editor if a site is:

  • added right away
  • added later
  • added at all

This is fine with me, but what I really dislike is being uninformed. If the site was to be added or not or later or not or right away or not, I would like to be informed. A little mail like: “Yo, your site is in the queue, we’ll get to it as soon as we got some time to have a look…” or whatever would really be appreciated. Ah well, I guess I will just have to wait and see…

MSN Search solving your algebra?

As I browse through the “blogosphere” (weird, the first time that I used this term) I came across something really interesting. MSN search (beta) can solve your algebra problems, at least some of them:

Goto MSN search (beta) and enter something like x^2+x^3=36 and see the result:

result set

Groovy! It seems though that more complex problems are not solved via this search engine – I guess no problem as you wouldn’t expect that your search engine can solve any mathematical problems in the first place.

Found via Neil’s World and Chu Yeow’s blog

Qute theme (Firefox)

Update: Just received a fixed version of it (cheers to John Conde). Awesome! Now it’s Firefox 1.0 with Qute 2.1.3 for me :-)

You can say that if you find something good you usually stick with it and that’s just what I would have love to do after I updated all my clients to Firefox 1.0, but the bad thing is: I can’t!

I have been using the Qute theme ever since I started to use firefox (firebird) and now I’m waiting and waiting, as I thought the theme would be ported to 1.0 right away – but obviously I was wrong: Arvid Axelsson says it won’t be ready until the end of november. Ok, ok that isn’t a long time anymore as it’s already November 15th today, but you know how it is when you’re wanting something – it’d better be here now ;-)


Update: 3:34am and the system is up and running :-)
A little bit of this and a little bit of that still missing (e.g. ftp client, ssh client, etc), but besides that all up and running again. Took the chance to switch from Outlook Express to Thunderbird. So now all my web-applications are NON-MS (Browser: Firefox, Email: Thunderbird), yay!

On another note:

  • it’s really relaxing to have a root partition with 117GB of free space, too.
  • it’s really annoying to see how SP2 is slowing down my connection…need to find a fix for the connection limit problem soon

The Linux experiment with my third pc was a bugger so far. Tried to run the Gentoo Live CD – wouldn’t boot. Tried to burn it again – wouldn’t boot. Really weird maybe I’m missing something. Just started the download again (this time the bigger live-cd image). Let’s see what that will bring up. Nontheless it’s time for some sleep now – then I’ll get to it later today with a newly downloaded image and a relaxed mood. I guess it wasn’t a good idea to start a “linux project” in the middle of the night anyway ;-)

As I already said here it’s about time to clean up and do a reinstall on my primary workstation. After the new hdd arrived it’s time to get everything backed up (check) and start out fresh. Last dvd’s are in the toaster, so it’s almost time for me to start the reinstall – okay, I need to install the new hdd first, but that’s going to be an easy task with my case (no screws anywhere to be found ;-) ). So don’t expect to here anything from me for the next couple of hours (I’ve still got net access via my second pc and my laptop, but I guess I’ll do a parallel install [primary workstation: win xp reinstall; third pc: linux install] – so I guess I will have enough parallel tasking on my hands)…

Comment Spam

I didn’t have any problems with it – until now :-(

Lucky me though: I had already equipped my filters with the most recent stuff (in this case it was the good old poker site spam that hit almost all my posts) so the comments didn’t go live, nontheless it’s still annoying to delete all that stuff…


Well, I opened my account two days ago…and I gotta say I really enjoy “playing” and some of my moves are already paying off:

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