Another busy weekend…with sports

Due to a minor injury less doing sports and more watching sports. The olympics, german football league starting…and what not. Along the way I worked off my last freelance jobs…so the coming weeks should be a lot less crowded…at least when it comes to working, unless I get the new job I’m applying for, then the “workless” times could be over quite quickly ;)

Sporty weekend

Football preparation for the new season has started two weeks ago and so far I didn’t miss a single training session – so far. Today I missed the first one, a friendly match, as my foot is shining in different colours ranging from green to blue. It wasn’t the best idea to train on friday after suffering the injury on thursday, but oh well. Nontheless a lot of sport going on.

First of all, the Beijing Olympics…so far nothing much going for the german athletes when it comes to winnnig medals, but at least some of the national teams seem to be in good shape (e.g. handball, basketball)…it’ll be fun to watch them compete for the next few days/weeks.

Secondly, the german professional football season is about to start next weekend, so in good old tradition the competition for the german football cup ( “DFB Pokal” ) started this week…so far quite a few good matches and no major upsets…

Alrighty…enough about sports, I’m going to do a little sport myself now…called “couch-surfing” ;)

Twitter updater

UPDATE: Please head on over to the new home of my plugin: TWITTERUPDATER.COM this post here will not be updated any longer!!!

So, I found this cool plugin posting updates to twitter once you wrote a new blog post (or edited an old one). It’s pretty nice and can be found on the authors, Victoria Chan, site here (v1.1).

Jonathan Dingman then released an update adding tinyurl support (v2.0) which can be found here.

I just edited this v2.0 and replaced the tinyurl-support with support for the new url-shortening service ZZ.GD which results in even shorter short-urls saving more space in the tweet in case a post title is longer…

My new version (v2.07.1) can be found here (please read edits below for more information!!!): Twitter Updater v2.07.1

Known Issues:

  • None atm

Feature requests:

  • Possibility to include post’s category in tweet

1. Download the plugin (see above link.)
2. Unzip the compressed file to your hard drive.
3. Upload the “twitter_updater” folder to your wp-content/plugins folder.
4. Browse to the Plugins page under wp-admin and activate the plugin.
5. Setting the options: Browse to Manage->Twitter Updater.
6. On this page, you can set any options you would like to.
7. IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your Twitter username and password, then click on “save login”
8. That’s it! Now your status will be updated every time you publish a new post.

Edit (July 15th 2008): Just a quick note…the recent release of WP 2.6 has messed something up. While the plugin continues to work fine in WP version 2.5.1 and older, it keeps firing two updates (one with an invalid in WP 2.6. I’m going to investigate…stand by for news…and hopefully a quick fix.

Edit #2 (July 15th 2008): I’ve identified the culprit…WP2.6 uses post-revisions (saving multiple instances of the post using autosave)…hence the multi-tweet…working on a fix now…

Edit #3 (July 15th 2008): It’s indeed the post-revisions thing, but the quick workaround I tried (disabling post revisions after all) has had some major side-effects (namely edits of posts were not saved anymore)…so I really need to address this issue by checking the post status and ignoring revisions…fix probably coming tomorrow…for the time being please just manually delete the first auto-tweet.

Edit #4 (July 17th 2008): Sorry about the delay, but my computer fried itself today, so I had no time to fix it yet…exciting news forthcoming…as hopefully the fix…stay tuned.

Edit #5 (July 17th 2008): This little plugin has it’s own twitter source parameter now…so it’ll say “from Ingoal’s Twitter Update” instead of “from web” from now on…you can grab the latest version, version 2.02 above…version 2.03 with the bugfix (double-tweet) is still forthcoming…

Edit #6 (July 22nd 2008): Sorry about the delay…but I had something else going on, so it took me a while to write the fix. I deleted some of the options, from now on out you’ll have the update choice to auto-twitter when posting a new post (with or without link using and auto-twittering when editing old posts…that’s it. Compatible to WordPress version 2.6! So if you’re running WP 2.6, please update to version 2.03!!! …and if you’re running WP 2.5.1 or older, please continue to use version 2.02!!! Hat tip to microkid for his hint about identifying WordPress post revisions and auto-saves!!!

Edit #7 (July 27th 2008): Fixed the post-title issue. In the prior version post titles were truncated if they included an ampersand ( & )…this is fixed now…please update.

Edit #8 (July 29th 2008): Introduced alternative method to retrieve the shorturl from (using curl)…please update if you had problems (error message, empty shorturl) and make sure you have a look at the twitter updater page (manage) -> check the new checkbox! If you didn’t have problems you don’t need to do anything…

Edit #9 (August 04th 2008): Introduced a cascading in the shorturl generation. After was down the last two days due to server issues, ppl using the plugin were stuck with empty shorturls. To rectify that situation and keep it from happening in the future the cascade of — was introduced. If is down, the shorturl will be generated using Other cascades might be added in the future, but for now, this one seems to be more than enough.

Edit #10 (October 18th 2008): So…Marco “Saphod” Luthe put up a modded version of the 2.06 version that fixes the future post (and save post) issues. I took the liberty to rename his modded version 2.06 to version 2.07 and I’m officially releasing it here. Thanks again Marco! All you users and readers out there feel free to drop by his site to thank him for the fix…and happy tweeting/twittering….

Edit #11 (November 1st 2008):Corrected tinyurl api url, so that if you’re using tinyurl instead of you’re getting the correct short-url…

Want to own a piece of a football team?

The new season in good ol’ Engerlund has kicked off and for the first time in a few years I didn’t signup for the manger game as someone (you know who you are) either didn’t start a league this year or forgot to invite me. Oh well…I’m mostly busy with my diploma thesis anyway…so maybe it’s best that way.

Speaking of footie…I just came across this site and I gotta say I love the idea of buying a footie team with the help of some thousand ppl…although I’m a little bit sceptical about the whole thing. Is it really a good idea to have that many “voting members”? Maybe, maybe not…I’m going to keep an eye on the site and see how it’ll go…

Lots of catching up to do…

…well, what can I say. I’m madly busy these days. Why? Because I started my internship in early september and so I’m mostly “at work” most of the weekdays (leaving early in the morning, coming home, knackered, in the late evening)…so nothing too spectacular to report, apart from the fact that I’m missing some sleep.

Missed the chance to get some extra sleep on saturday, when I scheduled a business meeting at 9am – what did I think ;) ?! But at least I got some extra sleep and some chillin in today. Missed our footie match (we won 3-2 and are back in the hunt for the championship), but watched another good game.

My father had some VIP tickets to the german first league basketball match Ludwigsburg (10min from where I live) vs Trier. Ludwigsburg was unbeaten so far in the championship race (4 Ws in 4 matches). So we drove there early and met up with my aunt and her son and had a really good time – it’s always nice to watch a game in Ludwigsburg’s “Rundsporthalle” as it’s a rather small building and the vibes are just there. It’s awesome. In the end Ludwigsburg held on to win the match 84-81. So now they’re still unbeaten (5Ws in 5 matches) and are on top of the table. Nice.

Now it’s almost midnight again, so it’s time for me to log off…better catch some sleep before the week begins in less than 7 hours ;)

Close and yet so far

The dream of yet another World Cup final was so close and yet so far tonight. After holding our own for 119 minutes, Italy finally scored their goal to go up 0:1 and scored the second one minutes after that. So final result Germany 0:2 Italy, we all hoped to get to the penalty kicks, but it wasn’t to be. A deserved victory after two kicks hitting the bar and the crossbar and our chances: 0.

Really sad that our series had to end today instead of the other one (we didn’t lose a match in Dortmund prior to this match and we didn’t win a match against Italy in the WC yet)…nontheless it was fascinating to see all the people still cheering for our national team and keeping their head up – even in defeat. So it’ll be Stuttgart on saturday (against either France or Portugal) instead of sunday in Berlin…

Side note: I’ll try to put up another post with some pics about “my world cup” so far in the next few days…

Sports, sports and sports

Well, we’ve got the Fifa World Cup over here in Germany and everyone sure is excited. Footie is everywhere and you almost can’t escape – not that I wanted to anyway ;)

I was actually in the middle of it last friday. I was in the stadium watching the match Netherlands vs Ivory Coast. What a great match and I can’t even begin to explain the spirit in and around the stadium, unbelievable. Here are some photos taken by my (not so high resolution) mobile phone cam, showing me (in the Eat, Sleep, Code SitePoint Shirt), the stadium and the Premiere broadcasting box which was right there a couple of meters away from us (Premiere is the only PayPerView channel over here in Germany, their expert in the box was Christoph Daum, who is one of our better known coaches – he almost became our national coach a few years back…): World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup

In related footie notes: After the lost championship, some of us played footie again for the first time. It was supposed to be a fun “hobby tourney”, but it turned out to be a ankle-busting slugfest…so not much joy, but at least a little time with the ball and some time in the sun with mates…could have been worse ;)

Apart from the whole World Cup thing there are the NBA Finals, which I follow closely – after all Dirk Nowitzki and his Dallas Mavericks are in it. Too bad that they slipped in the third game and failed to take that game down. Instead of a 3-0 lead going into game 4, they were only ahead 2-1 and now the Heat have built up there momentum pretty good. Last night they pulled out yet another tight tight win in overtime to take the series lead 3-2. Now it’s up to Dallas to protect their homecourt to take it down in 7. Goooooooooooo Mavs!

Jam packed exciting Friday

I don’t even know how to start this post, I’m so excited. It’s after 3am and I’m still awake. Why? The NBA Finals are about to start with Game 1 from Dallas, featuring the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. Why am I that excited? Two words: Dirk Nowitzki

The second time a german player has made it to the NBA Finals – if you don’t remember, Detlef Schrempf was in the Finals with the Sonics, but Michael Jordan’s Bulls denied their quest for the championship. This time it’s a different thing though. Dirk is the leader of the Mavericks and they got a real shot at the title. Let’s see if they can play their game and get Shaq, Wade and the rest off their game.

Jam packed? Yup, as the FIFA Football World Cup 2006 starts tonight – right here in Germany. We’re opening the Footie WC (or Soccer WC for the Americans) against Costa Rica. I’m really looking forward to the whole Cup, not only because it’s here in Germany, but because the Fifa World Cup is one of the most important cups there is, period. What adds to it, is that it is indeed in Germany and I was lucky enough to get some tickets – not for a germany game, but Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast should be a great match too :-)

Now I’m out of here…the Mavs starting lineup is presented now…goooooooo Dirk!

Update: Yes! Mavs 90-80 Heat! Not a particular good game, but tension right down to the wire. Not a good game by Dirk, but Jason Terry took over and that was enough to wrestle down the Heat. So the Mavs take the series lead 1-0, let’s see what sunday’s game two will bring…

NBA All-Star Saturday

Thoughts on the All-Star Saturday:

3 Point Shootout: Yes! Dirk did it! Finally a NBA Allstar Trophy for Dirkules. Very much deserved, although he sneaked his way into the final (his last shot in the first round probably was still in his hand as the horn sounded?!)

Shooting Stars: The only thing that pwned San Antonio’s performance was Kobe’s nothing but net shot from midcourt (alright, Tony Parker’s bank shot was sweet, too…but not as good as that shot).

Dunking Contest: Sorry Mr. Iguodala, but you’ve been owned. I guess there’s no question that his dunk from behind the backboard was THE best single dunk in the competition (!), but that was the first round and his dunks in the finals just weren’t all that creative…unlike Nate Robinson’s dunks which weren’t working on the first try, or the second or the tenth for that matter, but at least he did something new (can you say double cross-leg in mid-air pass to the backboard + slam!)…so don’t whine. Maybe that’ll teach you a lesson: don’t use your best dunk in the first round…I guess there’s no question that he would have won it, if he had done the behind the backboard dunk in the finals…
Skills Challenge: Congrats Flash! A nice performance, although I would have loved to see LeBron take it, sorry ;-)

Sporty sunday

Fantastic stuff today. After finishing playing the indoor footie tournament I switched on the telly and found the good stuff on Eurosport. First they were showing the Africa Cup of Nations (Football, or soccer for the americans) live from Egypt – Guinea beat South Africa 2-0 -ÂÂ and now they showed the Snooker Masters Final between Ronny O’Sullivan and John Higgins…and to my surprise Ronny couldn’t win it, yet again. He lead the best of 19 frames match 9-8 and had a break of 60 points at the start of the 19th and final frame, but John Higgins came back and cleared the table to capture the title…