Qute theme (Firefox)

Update: Just received a fixed version of it (cheers to John Conde). Awesome! Now it’s Firefox 1.0 with Qute 2.1.3 for me :-)

You can say that if you find something good you usually stick with it and that’s just what I would have love to do after I updated all my clients to Firefox 1.0, but the bad thing is: I can’t!

I have been using the Qute theme ever since I started to use firefox (firebird) and now I’m waiting and waiting, as I thought the theme would be ported to 1.0 right away – but obviously I was wrong: Arvid Axelsson says it won’t be ready until the end of november. Ok, ok that isn’t a long time anymore as it’s already November 15th today, but you know how it is when you’re wanting something – it’d better be here now ;-)

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