About the author

Real name
Ingo Daniel Hildebrandt
Alternative (online) names
Benningen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
That’s south-west germany, around 15km away from the capitol of Baden-Wuerttemberg Stuttgart.
map of benningen



ingoal <at> gmail <dot> com
MSN messenger
jajadeinemudda <at> web <dot> de


Profession, leisure time, etc

After graduation from the University of Stuttgart, where I got my Master of Computer Science degree, I started working as a business intelligence / data warehouse developer with the main focus on database-level programming and optimizing (pl/sql on oracle), but also with a focus on BI frontend development with Microstrategy.Currently I hold the position of product manager for business relationship management, leading a team of Siebel CRM developers.


Other interests (online)?

I used to be an Advisor at the SitePoint Forums.
The SitePoint Forums are one of the biggest webdesign forums worldwide and “working my way up” from regular member to Mentor to now Advisor has helped me a lot in terms of interest in webdesign.
Although I don’t consider myself a great designer, I try to design my sites as good as possible. The most important thing for me is using standards (hence the XHTML-valid, etc stuff all over the place)!
Online Games
I used to play numerous different online games, I quit most of them though due to time constraints and change of interest.
Planetarion was my first addiction and at a time I was even the HC (High Commander) of a medium sized alliance (Ne Plus Ultra). Nowadays the online online games I play is something like a quick round of yahoo chess.


Other interests (offline)?

Computer related
» Software development with pl/sql, vbs, eScript, Java, etc.
» Experimenting with “web technologies”
» Gaming – Not as much as I used to, now I’ve got a PS3 for that.
Not Computer related
» Football (or soccer for the americans) – I used to play on the second team of FC Marbach. More infos can be found on our unofficial homepage, which is managed by me (see fcm2.info).
» Hanging out with friends!
» Playing tabletop-football.
» Playing board-games.
» etc.


More facts about this site

» Ingoal’s Insight is currently hosted on shared hosting by dreamhost.
Software used?
» WordPress 3.4
» Numerous antispam plugins


Other noteworthy stuff about the author

» I’m a sustaining member of Greenpeace
» I’m helping children – Miserior (german charity)
» I’m supporting a child in south america via SOS Paten
» I’m donating to different charity causes whenever I feel there is need to…
» Member of FC Marbach as mentioned above.
» Member of the german computer science society ( “Gesellschaft fuer Informatik” )
Last Edit: November 1st 2012