Update: 3:34am and the system is up and running :-)
A little bit of this and a little bit of that still missing (e.g. ftp client, ssh client, etc), but besides that all up and running again. Took the chance to switch from Outlook Express to Thunderbird. So now all my web-applications are NON-MS (Browser: Firefox, Email: Thunderbird), yay!

On another note:

  • it’s really relaxing to have a root partition with 117GB of free space, too.
  • it’s really annoying to see how SP2 is slowing down my connection…need to find a fix for the connection limit problem soon

The Linux experiment with my third pc was a bugger so far. Tried to run the Gentoo Live CD – wouldn’t boot. Tried to burn it again – wouldn’t boot. Really weird maybe I’m missing something. Just started the download again (this time the bigger live-cd image). Let’s see what that will bring up. Nontheless it’s time for some sleep now – then I’ll get to it later today with a newly downloaded image and a relaxed mood. I guess it wasn’t a good idea to start a “linux project” in the middle of the night anyway ;-)

As I already said here it’s about time to clean up and do a reinstall on my primary workstation. After the new hdd arrived it’s time to get everything backed up (check) and start out fresh. Last dvd’s are in the toaster, so it’s almost time for me to start the reinstall – okay, I need to install the new hdd first, but that’s going to be an easy task with my case (no screws anywhere to be found ;-) ). So don’t expect to here anything from me for the next couple of hours (I’ve still got net access via my second pc and my laptop, but I guess I’ll do a parallel install [primary workstation: win xp reinstall; third pc: linux install] – so I guess I will have enough parallel tasking on my hands)…

3 thoughts on “Reinstall

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  2. Don’t let Gentoo kill ya man. I spent a week on it before I got everything installed right… it takes patience for sure. :)


  3. Indeed, it is more complicated than I thought, but that won’t keep me from trying. I ordered my new tft (see here), so I’m going to install the third pc as soon as it arrives (that way I won’t have to block my second pc, which is used by my family and I will have enough time). Until then I will try to get as much infos as I can (I’ve already printed around 50 pages of documentation), so it should work out just fine – if not I know whom to bug (either you or Chu) ;-)

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