Upgrading day and how twitter messed up my blogging…

So, it was time again to do some upgrading…WordPress 2.8.4 it is from now on. All plugins updated as well…it’s been a while since I did a major upgrade, but as usually everything went dandy, thumbs up WordPress!

So…half a year with no post…I didn’t even realize I didn’t post here in ages…really weird, but hey, ever since I started using twitter, I tend to post little tid-bits there instead of posting a new post on here…maybe I should change that again…and post at least a wrap-up of what’s been going on around here…we’ll see…I wonder if anyone is still reading this anyway ;-)

Greetings from munich

Hi there one and all, greetings from munich. Foggy, cold, munich. At least the beer is still one of the best in the world and my hotel room, read: suite, is mighty awesome. Not that I can enjoy it much during the day – training courses start at 9am and last until probablyy 5:30pm….but hey…better little time in an awesome room than a long time in a hawesome room (like it was the case two weeks ago in cologne where I stayed in an extended closet for a whole week ;))…alrighty…I’m outta here….

Still got little time to post around here…

…because I started a new job, which I really like, but it keeps my private online time to a minimum…so don’t wonder about the not all that regular updates around here. Next week I’m off to cologne for the week…after that I’m in munich…getting around…I guess I’ll take my digicam with me so maybe you’ll see a few snapshots…we’ll see….

I hate it even more when…

…I get no support at all for an original product, genuine baby, that I bought from this company. What do I get instead? “Support” from a russian call-center basically telling me “click here, click there, oops doesn’t work, good day sir”. Wtf is going on here? Is there no qualified staff anymore where cases like mine could be escalated to? Wtf is going on…I’m so mad right now, you wouldn’t even believe it.

Note to self and anyone else out there pondering a Vista install for one reason or another: If you’ve got the “old version” (without SP1), make sure you use this version in the install process and install SP1 after the install. Why? Because Vista+SP1 is not Vista and then SP1…sorry…can’t activate your install…thank you very much M$…that’s what you get for buying your software instead of stealing it…thank you very much….

Edit #1: It seems that even the gurus at Technet can’t help…so I guess I’m in for a reinstall, yet again…

Edit #2: Still waiting for my new external hard-disc to show up…grrr….I hate delays….

Edit #3: Almost there, system up and running again…with official activation and the whole she-bang…still need to install some updates and then I’m good to go again…wheeeeeeeeee.

I hate when computers go poof

Today was one of these days. Sit down at computer, do some small stuff…get the feeling that it’s totally sluggish. Hmmm, it’s windows after all and has been running for two weeks straight now…oh well, let’s reboot. Poof. Bad idea. System doesn’t come up again and throws the black screen of death. This or that driver is missing or damage.

Okay, let’s do a repair. Repair done – same problem.

Okay let’s do a restore to system restore point “yesterday” – not working.

Okay let’s do a restore to system restore point “two days ago” – not working.

Okay…all system restore points aren’t working. Groovy. Why did the system do them again? Sigh.

Okay, let’s do a repair install. Errm yeah, (upgrade aka repair) only possible when started from within the “old” install. Errm yeah, genius…I need the repair out of pure desperation…not because my system isn’t coming up you dumb***…sigh.

Oh well…burned up the whole afternoon and evening and now I’ve gotta do a clean install anyway…bad beat right there…

Firefox 3 first impressions

Today was the day that Firefox 3 was finally released.


My first impressions are:

1. Compared to the old version Firefox seems to have an improved memory handling (or bluntly put: less memory leaks)…with the same tabs open and everything 85MB looks much better than 214MB….

2. The “Awesome Bar” is a nice feature….

3. Speed-wise I can’t see much different…

More impression after a longer time running it on a day to day basis…

Boosting Laptop endurance

You might remember that I bought a new laptop back in april. I’m still really satisfied with my choice, although the battery runtime is not really up to par. The small, standard battery is just a little too weak to support the dual core cpu and ati video card for a long time. That being said, it still lasts for up to 2h, but that’s not really fly, so I decided to get myself the high capacity battery…

The original standard battery is 2600mAh…this baby is 6000mAh…so more than twice the up time…sweet…

High Capacity Battery