Comment Spam

I didn’t have any problems with it – until now :-(

Lucky me though: I had already equipped my filters with the most recent stuff (in this case it was the good old poker site spam that hit almost all my posts) so the comments didn’t go live, nontheless it’s still annoying to delete all that stuff…

4 thoughts on “Comment Spam

  1. Yeah it’s a big pain. I’ve been getting a constant stream since Saturday. The texas hold em seems to be everywhere.

  2. Yep, I had it a few eeks ago, same hold’em arses that have a script set up to spam WP based sites. If you look closely you’ll see that they even post comments to posts that don’t exist (if you deleted some of your early posts).

    I installed some fixes, mainly closing comments over 21 days old, and it helped:

  3. Yup. Fortunately I added the texas hold’em and stuff to my already existing spam words right after they had posted the first three comments…so it was queue-tastic after that and deleting the remaining spam was just some clicks away ;-)

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