Well, I opened my account two days ago…and I gotta say I really enjoy “playing” and some of my moves are already paying off:

Blogshares Net Growth ranking

5 thoughts on “Blogshares

  1. He keeps buying my shares. I started about a week ago (with the $500 or $5000 they give you) and topped 1.3 mill today.

    I even made a special “group” in y portfolio to hold fellow SPers: (click on folder and change to view “Sitepointers”). Already used my trades for the day (20 sucks), but I’ll get some of your’s tomorrow Chu.

    Haven’t figured out what the big deal with ideas yet is, even though I have about $900K invested in some. They don’t seem to make money.

  2. Sorry Joel, but someone already bought all your shares…so no go for me. On another note: I couldn’t buy them either atm (20 trades already use for today)…I’ll try to get some tomorrow though :-)

    How I got so big so fast? Someone made a gift to me (200 shares of some blog)…which I sold and that left me with 100k to start with – what a nice way to start out. So I bought shares of some new blogs and one of them skyrocketed which made me almost an instant 2 million…

    About the ideas: I haven’t figure out how to even buy them – maybe you can gimme a clue?

  3. Hehe…! I don’t understand why they don’t link to it though (e.g. when you’re in your account view and click on “your ideas”)…ah well…now I know where to find it.

    Cheers Brian!

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