MSN Search solving your algebra?

As I browse through the “blogosphere” (weird, the first time that I used this term) I came across something really interesting. MSN search (beta) can solve your algebra problems, at least some of them:

Goto MSN search (beta) and enter something like x^2+x^3=36 and see the result:

result set

Groovy! It seems though that more complex problems are not solved via this search engine – I guess no problem as you wouldn’t expect that your search engine can solve any mathematical problems in the first place.

Found via Neil’s World and Chu Yeow’s blog

4 thoughts on “MSN Search solving your algebra?

  1. Hmm…yes and no. Google can really do conversions (e.g. “1 inch in meter” will give you the result that 1 inch = 0.0254 meter), but I think it can’t “solve” equations (yet)?!

  2. Google isn’t as intelligent as MSN;-) Simple calculation is no problem: Just try 5+3 or 4^2. But equations – no chance…

  3. True, true…and what are you doing up so late? Hehe, time to catch some sleep, 2am – eek!

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