Ingoal goes next-gen

Well, well…after waiting for a long time, Sony made my decision easier today. Dropping the price of the PS3, while introducing the “new” PS3 (40GB model without PS2-backward-compatibility)…

As I’m a fan of the first edition (60GB) and a fan of added value, I went with the 60GB-model including two games and two wireless gamepads…499 €…still a lot of money, but a good bang for the buck if you consider that it includes the console itself, two wireless controllers, two games and a blueray player…now all I need to “fully” enjoy it is a sick HDTV…hmm…maybe come christmas I’ll work on that one…

Sony PS3

Do you like Backgammon? How about Blackjack?

If you like the game of backgammon you might be familiar with and their all-in-one game software, which not only features the game of backgammon but also other games like perudo and poker.

The software is available in ten different languages, so it really doesn’t matter if you’re speaking english or german, french or greek, chances are that you’ll get a version which will suit your needs just fine and it’s not just that which has made this software one of the industry’s leading softwares. They’ve got a strong following of players and you should be able to find a game of your choice most of the time.

…and now, the software and platform have become even stronger. Why? Because they added one of my favourite games (apart from poker): BlackJack or 21 as it’s sometimes called over here. So, whether you’re interested in just Backgammon, just poker, just perudo, just BlackJack or any combination of the above…check out…btw if you aren’t familiar with the rules of BlackJack, why don’t you head over to the BlackJack-Article-section and get up to speed?

Age of Mythology – Game 8

It’s been a long time since we last played a board game, especially Age of Mythology (see below), but yesterday we managed to play a round once again. It was the 8th game in total and I managed to finish in second position. The game was decided late (in the last round) again and Nico managed to secure himself the winning points of both “Most buildings” and “Biggest army”.

Final Standings:

  • 1. Nico – 14 points
  • 2. Ingo – 6 points
  • 3. Ines – 1 point
  • 3. Ralf – 1 point

Overall winning standings:

  1. Ingoal – 3 wins (8 games played)
  2. Nico – 2 wins (7 games played)
  3. Ralf – 2 wins (8 games played)
  4. Ines – 1 win (6 games played)
  5. Jens – 0 wins (1 game played)
  6. Wolf – 0 wins (1 game played)
  7. Kai – 0 wins (6 games played)

Age of Mythology Board Game

Age of Mythology – Game 7

The first 6 player game ever and a really interesting one. After a slow start (losing all the early battles) it really came down to the end…Kai, Nico, Ralf and me had the chance to win, but I blew it (not buying a winnig point with the main temple) – Ralf built the wonder and hence won, despite a tie between him and me (the first tie-breaker rule: whoever builds the wonder is winning in case of a tie)…

Final Standings:

  1. Ralf – 8 points (tie-breaker rule: he built “the wonder”)
  2. Ingo – 8 points
  3. Ines – 2 points
  4. Nico – 0 points
  5. Kai – 0 points
  6. Wolf – 0 points

Overall winning standings:

  1. Ingoal – 3 wins (7 games played)
  2. Ralf – 2 wins (7 games played)
  3. Ines – 1 win (5 games played)
  4. Nico – 1 win (6 games played)
  5. Jens – 0 wins (1 game played)
  6. Wolf – 0 wins (1 game played)
  7. Kai – 0 wins (6 games played)

Age of Mythology – Game 6

Alright, we were at it again. It was one of the most interesting games with an abrupt end when Ralf built “the wonder”. Nico almost could have built the wonder, me too…so it was really close and Kai almost won too due to his temple which he used to buy himself some winning points. Sixth game, first victory for Ralf, congrats :tup:

Final Standings:

  • 1. Ralf – 7 points
  • 2.! Kai – 6 points
  • 2. Ingoal – 6 points
  • 4. Jens – 3 points
  • 5. Nico – 1 point

! = Kai would have been in single second place due to a tie-breaker rule (the player with more resources left), but as I didn’t bear this in mind so far I’m not going to start now :wink:

Overall winning standings:

  • 1. Ingoal – 3 wins (6 games played)
  • 2. Ines – 1 win (4 games played)
  • 3. Nico – 1 win (5 games played)
  • 4. Ralf – 1 win (6 games played)
  • 5. Jens – 0 wins (1 game played)
  • 6. Kai – 0 wins (5 games played)

Age of Mythology – Game 5

It’s been a while since we last played this game. So we took the time tonight and played it. Not a particularly nice game, at least for me, but nontheless I got away with the win thanks to Kai‘s last move which destroyed one of Ines’ buildings which put both of them into a tie (which means that both had the exact same number of buildings – the points of the winning card “Most buildings” wasn’t awarded).

After I had bought 6 winning points early on I couldn’t get anywhere near any other winning points due to the fact that Ines had destroyed my temple, which allows you to buy one winning point for 8 blue piece (“grace”). The other players battle for the remaining winning points and it really looked like Ines would get away with both the winning points for most buildings and biggest army, but with the last move, an effort to claim victory himself, Kai destroyed a building which sent it to the tie mentioned above and so only the points for biggest army were awarded to Ines.

Final standings:

  • 1. Ingo: 6 points , race played: greeks :goof:
  • 2. Ines: 3 points + 2 points for biggest army = 5 points, race played: vikings
  • 2. Kai: 5 points, race played: egypts
  • 4. Ralf: 1 point, race played: vikings
  • 5. Nico: 0 points, race played: greeks

Overall winning standings:

  • 1. Ingoal – 3 wins (5 games played)
  • 2. Ines – 1 win (4 games played)
  • 2. Nico – 1 win (4 games played)
  • 4. Kai – 0 wins (4 games played)
  • 5. Ralf – 0 wins (5 games played)

Now I’ve won it with every race (vikings, greece and egypts)! Woohoo :tup:

Age of Mythology – Game 4

Well, only three players were playing tonight (Nico, Ralf and myself) due to the fact that Kai & Ines had other plans (congrats to your third anniversary ;-) ).

It was a tight game, although I started out with a big run to destroy almost all other armies right in the beginning. Nontheless in the middle of the game I was unable to build important stuff like the depository so it was hard to get to “the wonder” which carried the most winning-points on it.

In the end it really came down to it:

  • most armies: 6 winning points
  • most buildings: 9 winning points
  • the wonder: 12 winning points

I already had 3 winning points from prior battles. After being unable to build “the wonder” I tried to sneak in a surprise action, which in my mind would bring my victory (once again). Ralf started the last move round with an attack on Nico and destroyed two buildings which put me up in this category as I built four buildings with a special card (status: Ingoal 5 buildings, Nico 3). So I thought I had the victory right in my pocket which is right when “desaster” struck on me. Nico played his last card, which should have been the final card of the game, and attacked one of my buildings. He destroyed it. The special ability of the card enabled him to make a fourth move though (normal is three moves per round). He attacked me once again and destroyed another building. In that situation both Nico and me had 3 buildings – there’s no tie-breaker so the winning-points on the most buildings card went down the drain.

As he had the biggest army he claimed the 6 winning points on it and “stole” victory with this brilliant last second move. Thumbs up to an interesting game.

Final Standings:

  • 1. Nico – 6 points, Race played: egypts
  • 2. Ingoal – 3 points, Race played: greeks
  • 3. Ralf – 0 points, Race played: vikings

Overall winning standings:

  • 1. Ingoal – 2 wins (4 games played)
  • 2. Ines – 1 win (3 games played)
  • 2. Nico – 1 win (3 games played)
  • 4. Kai – 0 wins (3 games played)
  • 5. Ralf – 0 wins (4 games played)

So you see I can live with tonight’s “defeat” ;-)

Age of Mythology

You might have heard about Age of Mythology (the computer game), but did you know that there’s a board game version of it?

It’s pretty new over here in germany and a mate of mine bought it on the recent south german game convention. More infos about the english version of the game can be found here.

Tonight we played it for the third time and I won for the second time in a row :-)
Last time I had played the “Vikings” and won due to the fact that I had the most buildings. This time it was a little bit different: I was playing with the egypts and was able to win some battles early on. That made it possible for me to built some major army and to advance to the next ages quite quickly. In the end I won because I built “the wonder” in the last round and was able to claim the 12 winning points sitting on it. This gave me a grand total of 18 winning points (out of 30 total).

  • 1. Ingoal – 18pts, race: egypts
  • 2. Nico – 11pts, race: egypts
  • 3. Ines – 1point, race: vikings
  • 4. Ralf – 0 points, race: greeks

What a good evening :-)

Burnout 3 – Takedown

Inspired by AntiMatter’s (of Nuclear Moosecandy) Review of the PS2 version I thought this game was worth getting. So I went out and got the Xbox version and I gotta say: now that’s a fun game. I didn’t have the chance to play all that much yet, but I’m already intrigued by the whole concept.

It’s not really what you might consider a “normal racing game”. You gotta take (sometimes huge) risks to be fast and successfull – and the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward (turbo). But you gotta be careful not to take too many risks as the (spectacular!) crashes can really throw you back. I think this will be my new favourite racing game (up to this point it was: Need for Speed Underground – but I already completed that months ago, so no big challenge in it anymore) and I’m sure there will be many hours of playing with this one!

Price madness PS2 / Xbox

Wow…Sony has just announced to drop the price of the PS2 console to 149 Euro. As always Microsoft announced to match that offer and drop the price of the Xbox to 149Euro in the following weeks.

Hmm, as I’m already the proud owner of an Xbox, I’m really considering buying a PS2 too…I think I’m going to evaluate the game market a little to find out how many different titles there are which would really interest me (my main interest in console games: sports games (EA Sports Live series kind of games, etc))…