Age of Mythology

You might have heard about Age of Mythology (the computer game), but did you know that there’s a board game version of it?

It’s pretty new over here in germany and a mate of mine bought it on the recent south german game convention. More infos about the english version of the game can be found here.

Tonight we played it for the third time and I won for the second time in a row :-)
Last time I had played the “Vikings” and won due to the fact that I had the most buildings. This time it was a little bit different: I was playing with the egypts and was able to win some battles early on. That made it possible for me to built some major army and to advance to the next ages quite quickly. In the end I won because I built “the wonder” in the last round and was able to claim the 12 winning points sitting on it. This gave me a grand total of 18 winning points (out of 30 total).

  • 1. Ingoal – 18pts, race: egypts
  • 2. Nico – 11pts, race: egypts
  • 3. Ines – 1point, race: vikings
  • 4. Ralf – 0 points, race: greeks

What a good evening :-)

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