Age of Mythology – Game 5

It’s been a while since we last played this game. So we took the time tonight and played it. Not a particularly nice game, at least for me, but nontheless I got away with the win thanks to Kai‘s last move which destroyed one of Ines’ buildings which put both of them into a tie (which means that both had the exact same number of buildings – the points of the winning card “Most buildings” wasn’t awarded).

After I had bought 6 winning points early on I couldn’t get anywhere near any other winning points due to the fact that Ines had destroyed my temple, which allows you to buy one winning point for 8 blue piece (“grace”). The other players battle for the remaining winning points and it really looked like Ines would get away with both the winning points for most buildings and biggest army, but with the last move, an effort to claim victory himself, Kai destroyed a building which sent it to the tie mentioned above and so only the points for biggest army were awarded to Ines.

Final standings:

  • 1. Ingo: 6 points , race played: greeks :goof:
  • 2. Ines: 3 points + 2 points for biggest army = 5 points, race played: vikings
  • 2. Kai: 5 points, race played: egypts
  • 4. Ralf: 1 point, race played: vikings
  • 5. Nico: 0 points, race played: greeks

Overall winning standings:

  • 1. Ingoal – 3 wins (5 games played)
  • 2. Ines – 1 win (4 games played)
  • 2. Nico – 1 win (4 games played)
  • 4. Kai – 0 wins (4 games played)
  • 5. Ralf – 0 wins (5 games played)

Now I’ve won it with every race (vikings, greece and egypts)! Woohoo :tup:

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