Ingoal goes next-gen

Well, well…after waiting for a long time, Sony made my decision easier today. Dropping the price of the PS3, while introducing the “new” PS3 (40GB model without PS2-backward-compatibility)…

As I’m a fan of the first edition (60GB) and a fan of added value, I went with the 60GB-model including two games and two wireless gamepads…499 €…still a lot of money, but a good bang for the buck if you consider that it includes the console itself, two wireless controllers, two games and a blueray player…now all I need to “fully” enjoy it is a sick HDTV…hmm…maybe come christmas I’ll work on that one…

Sony PS3

Burnout 3 – Takedown

Inspired by AntiMatter’s (of Nuclear Moosecandy) Review of the PS2 version I thought this game was worth getting. So I went out and got the Xbox version and I gotta say: now that’s a fun game. I didn’t have the chance to play all that much yet, but I’m already intrigued by the whole concept.

It’s not really what you might consider a “normal racing game”. You gotta take (sometimes huge) risks to be fast and successfull – and the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward (turbo). But you gotta be careful not to take too many risks as the (spectacular!) crashes can really throw you back. I think this will be my new favourite racing game (up to this point it was: Need for Speed Underground – but I already completed that months ago, so no big challenge in it anymore) and I’m sure there will be many hours of playing with this one!

Price madness PS2 / Xbox

Wow…Sony has just announced to drop the price of the PS2 console to 149 Euro. As always Microsoft announced to match that offer and drop the price of the Xbox to 149Euro in the following weeks.

Hmm, as I’m already the proud owner of an Xbox, I’m really considering buying a PS2 too…I think I’m going to evaluate the game market a little to find out how many different titles there are which would really interest me (my main interest in console games: sports games (EA Sports Live series kind of games, etc))…