Age of Mythology – Game 4

Well, only three players were playing tonight (Nico, Ralf and myself) due to the fact that Kai & Ines had other plans (congrats to your third anniversary ;-) ).

It was a tight game, although I started out with a big run to destroy almost all other armies right in the beginning. Nontheless in the middle of the game I was unable to build important stuff like the depository so it was hard to get to “the wonder” which carried the most winning-points on it.

In the end it really came down to it:

  • most armies: 6 winning points
  • most buildings: 9 winning points
  • the wonder: 12 winning points

I already had 3 winning points from prior battles. After being unable to build “the wonder” I tried to sneak in a surprise action, which in my mind would bring my victory (once again). Ralf started the last move round with an attack on Nico and destroyed two buildings which put me up in this category as I built four buildings with a special card (status: Ingoal 5 buildings, Nico 3). So I thought I had the victory right in my pocket which is right when “desaster” struck on me. Nico played his last card, which should have been the final card of the game, and attacked one of my buildings. He destroyed it. The special ability of the card enabled him to make a fourth move though (normal is three moves per round). He attacked me once again and destroyed another building. In that situation both Nico and me had 3 buildings – there’s no tie-breaker so the winning-points on the most buildings card went down the drain.

As he had the biggest army he claimed the 6 winning points on it and “stole” victory with this brilliant last second move. Thumbs up to an interesting game.

Final Standings:

  • 1. Nico – 6 points, Race played: egypts
  • 2. Ingoal – 3 points, Race played: greeks
  • 3. Ralf – 0 points, Race played: vikings

Overall winning standings:

  • 1. Ingoal – 2 wins (4 games played)
  • 2. Ines – 1 win (3 games played)
  • 2. Nico – 1 win (3 games played)
  • 4. Kai – 0 wins (3 games played)
  • 5. Ralf – 0 wins (4 games played)

So you see I can live with tonight’s “defeat” ;-)

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