NBA All-Star Saturday

Thoughts on the All-Star Saturday:

3 Point Shootout: Yes! Dirk did it! Finally a NBA Allstar Trophy for Dirkules. Very much deserved, although he sneaked his way into the final (his last shot in the first round probably was still in his hand as the horn sounded?!)

Shooting Stars: The only thing that pwned San Antonio’s performance was Kobe’s nothing but net shot from midcourt (alright, Tony Parker’s bank shot was sweet, too…but not as good as that shot).

Dunking Contest: Sorry Mr. Iguodala, but you’ve been owned. I guess there’s no question that his dunk from behind the backboard was THE best single dunk in the competition (!), but that was the first round and his dunks in the finals just weren’t all that creative…unlike Nate Robinson’s dunks which weren’t working on the first try, or the second or the tenth for that matter, but at least he did something new (can you say double cross-leg in mid-air pass to the backboard + slam!)…so don’t whine. Maybe that’ll teach you a lesson: don’t use your best dunk in the first round…I guess there’s no question that he would have won it, if he had done the behind the backboard dunk in the finals…
Skills Challenge: Congrats Flash! A nice performance, although I would have loved to see LeBron take it, sorry ;-)

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