Fifa World Cup 2006 – Final Draw Excitement (Follow-up)

As described in my earlier post I was really looking forward to the draw and to the match that I was about to see next year (C4-C2). So, the match is Netherlands vs Cote d’Ivoire :-)

Groovy…one of europe’s top teams against one of Africa’s top teams…really really nice!

On another note: I’m even more excited to see the german group which is a rather “easy” one:

Group A:
Costa Rica

:tup: :tup: :tup:

Fifa World Cup 2006 – Final Draw Excitement

Oooh am I looking forward to it, or what? Sure thing and I’ll keep a close eye on group C as I’ve got tickets to that group, to be precise for match: #22 C4-C2. So, that means that it can’t be germany (group A) or Brazil (group F) and not the other group heads (Argentina, England, France, Italy, Mexico and Spain). The excitement! Although I hope it’s not going to be “nobody” vs. “nobody” – but even in that case I will enjoy the World Cup experience, especially due to the fact that it’s probably the last World Cup in germany for the next 30-50 years… :-)

European Championship Final (Basketball)

Germany 62-78 Greece :-(

Still the second greatest achievement in german Basketball history (after the upset European Championship in 1993). One Nowitzki, who was forced into bad shots all night and still managed to get 23points, just wasn’t enough to defeat a well-rounded greek team effort.

Congrats to them…and see you in Japan for the World Championship 2006!

World Championship 2006 Tickets

So, the first stash of tickets was assigned in a raffle and guess what…I’ve scored some! :mrgreen:

Of all the tickets I had ordered (mostly preliminary round + game for third place + semifinal + final) I scored two tickets for a preliminary match of group C in Stuttgart :tup:

NBA Allstar Game 2005

Not a bad game so far, although I’m missing the whole “Showtime” basketball a little bit. More layups, three-pointers and turnovers (West already more than 20) than nice dunk/alley-oops. I don’t know if it’s the thin air up in mile high city or what? The only real highlight so far: Vince “Air Canada”/”Vincanity” Carter’s pass to himself of the glass…

On another note: 04:48am…I guess I’m going to get some sleep now as I’m really tired and this game isn’t keeping me on the edge of my seat at all (this is really the first time I’m not watching an NBA allstar game till the end)…so, I’ll call it a “night” – Go Dirk! Go West :-)

Update: So the East won it 125-115 and Iverson got the MVP award…so I guess my decision to get at least some sleep was right :wink:

(NFL) Philadelphia 7-7 New England

Super bowl half time. Boy what an intesive first half. I think Philadelphia should have score at least once more, but hey…we’ve got another half to go…and with the 7-7 at half time my prediction of 14-10 still stands :mrgreen:

Now it’s time to get something to eat, relax a little and watch the halftime show :tup:

(NFL) Super Bowl Sunday

So it’s time…for some it might be the most important sunday of the year, for me it’s just Superbowl Sunday. Pregame coverage will start at 10:30pm and the game itself will start at 0:30am (my timezone is GMT+1).

I’m really looking forward and I guess it’ll be a close game. My pick? I think it’s going to be hard to stop the Patriots as they played nearly flawless for weeks, but I’m still going with Philadelphia (someone needs to root for the underdogs!)…so my prediction is: Philadelphia 14-10 New England :mrgreen:

(NFL) Steelers 27-41 Patriots

The AFC Championship seems to be already decided at half-time?! Patriots 24-3 Steelers :shock:

I guess there’s no way that Pittsburgh will come back from 3 TDs down…which gives me the chance to get some sleep (1:56am here)…

Update: So Pittsburgh came back a little after all, but they weren’t able to come back for good.

So, congrats to the Pats – AFC Champions 2004.

Superbowl time in 2 weeks, Feb. 6th 2005 – Jacksonville: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots :tup:

(NFL) Eagles 27-10 Falcons

A superb defensive performance and some nice offensive moves, too. Very well deserved.

NFC Champions 2004 Philadelphia Eagles

See you in Jacksonville…

Next on is Pittsburgh vs. New England for the AFC Championship…(should I really watch a game that starts at 0:30am /my timezone, GMT+1/ ?! Ah well, I’ll watch at least the first quarter half :wink:

South Korea 3-1 Germany

Oooh my, it seems that the trip to Asia isn’t working out the way we all expected it. Just watched the game and okay, it isn’t the end of the world or anything (it’s just a friendly footie match), but it is unexpected. After going down 1-0 in the first half we struck back with a nifty freekick by Ballack to level it at 1-1. Then we went down 2-1 in the second half, but we didn’t quit and tried to get the equalizer. Our efforts were worthless, but then, just when you thought that they weren’t going to score, we were awarded a penalty kick – which Ballack blew and just like you would expect it: right after that South Korea tried a last counter-attack, which was successful: 3-1.