Repair and update

I decided to give repair of my good old Laserjet 5 a shot and it worked out pretty nicely. After getting the new toner cartridge and printing some dozen test prints everything is back to normal. Groovy. To celebrate the “success”, I decided to upgrade the printer…so I fired up ebay and started looking for a duplex-unit, the last available upgrade for my printer. I found one pretty quickly and I’m happy to say: not only is my printer up and running again, no, it’s more than that. It’s a fully equipped printing beast now ;-)

Speaking of updates: As you might have noticed I decided to get a new theme…Ingoal’s Insight is about to hit the three year anniversary…so I thought a new look would be a nice touch…hope you all like it…

Oh how good it feels…

…once the pain is gone. The weekend started off on a bad note: tooth pain. Went to see the dentist on friday evening. He did some drilling and filling. The pain seemed to be less, but not gone. Fast forward to saturday night and it feels like a knife is sitting right in one of my teeth’s nerve. Ouch. Pain killers. Sunday: ooh, not better, but worse. So I head to the emergency room and they say there are two explanations:

1. One of my teeth is inflamed

2. One of my teeth is dying

As they’re the emergency room and no dentist, they say that I should take painkillers and wait and see if the pain is gone by tomorrow, if not I should visit my dentist so that he can have a closer look.

Fast forward to monday and I’m still not better, so I head out to my dentist and he drills again. I head home, half my face still numb from the anesthesia, but the pain seems to be the same. So I head back to the dentist another hour later and my doctor is already on his way home. Cool. So I see his colleague – good thing that there are two doctors. He starts the diagnosis again, does some xray, then does some diagnosis again and we identify the tooth that is probably causing the problem. He says that the pain is caused by the nerve and that the only way he can help me is to open the tooth, kill the nerve and inject some medication to fight the infection.

I agree and he injects me with yet another anesthesia and we wait until half my face is numb. *lol*ÂÂ As soon as he opens the tooth and puts his needles and stuff into the root of the tooth, the laughing stops though. Oooooh the pain. The nerve of this tooth doesn’t give a shit about the anesthesiaÂÂ and so I try not to rip the hand rest off the dentist chair as the pain shoots right through me…when he’s finally done, the pain is gone though and I’m happy to report that I’m doing fine today…the only thing that still feels a little weird is a little pain in the surrounding area of the tooth…I guess the tooth doesn’t like to be “killed”…

Oh well…at least I’m back to (almost) normal now…another visit to the dentist later on to check on it and then I’m off to work again tomorrow…

Lots of catching up to do…

…well, what can I say. I’m madly busy these days. Why? Because I started my internship in early september and so I’m mostly “at work” most of the weekdays (leaving early in the morning, coming home, knackered, in the late evening)…so nothing too spectacular to report, apart from the fact that I’m missing some sleep.

Missed the chance to get some extra sleep on saturday, when I scheduled a business meeting at 9am – what did I think ;) ?! But at least I got some extra sleep and some chillin in today. Missed our footie match (we won 3-2 and are back in the hunt for the championship), but watched another good game.

My father had some VIP tickets to the german first league basketball match Ludwigsburg (10min from where I live) vs Trier. Ludwigsburg was unbeaten so far in the championship race (4 Ws in 4 matches). So we drove there early and met up with my aunt and her son and had a really good time – it’s always nice to watch a game in Ludwigsburg’s “Rundsporthalle” as it’s a rather small building and the vibes are just there. It’s awesome. In the end Ludwigsburg held on to win the match 84-81. So now they’re still unbeaten (5Ws in 5 matches) and are on top of the table. Nice.

Now it’s almost midnight again, so it’s time for me to log off…better catch some sleep before the week begins in less than 7 hours ;)

Week 3 + 4 (2006/2007)

Well, there were no games scheduled for week 3, due to international competition, so no score to report from there. Normal play resumed in week 4 and I didn’t do all that well. Keep in mind though that it’s a long season and there are still many many games to be played and trades to be made ;)

Ingoal: 22 points, 107 total

Mr. Price: 45 points, 101 total

Home stretch

After a long search for an internship I finally found a fitting one which began today.
The tasks that are ahead of me appear to be challenging, but after a little familiarisation phase I should be able to get them done. Wish me luck.

So, as soon as I’m finished with this one (end of the year), I’ll be able to start my diploma thesis which will mark the end of my university journey…finally…(no need to shout yet, after all it’s going to be almost another year before all is said and then, but it’s still a good feeling to be on the “home stretch”.. :-) )

New month, new theme, new outlook

After the recent lack of updates around here, I thought it was time to bring this blog back to life. I started off by getting a new template, after all the last one has been online for ages now – maybe some tweaks here and there will follow, but I already like the template how it is atm.

So, why so little updates in the last few months? Mostly because I didn’t have much to blog about around here. Now things are getting back to normal, so there should be more updates again as…

  • …the new footie season will start next week
  • …the new fantasy footie season already started
  • …I’m starting an internship in just over a week
  • …I’m motivated to write more again :)

That said, it’s time to wrap up this post with a quick request: if you come across any problems with the new layout (looks good to me in Firefox, Opera and IE), feel free to contact me or just comment on this post..

Close and yet so far

The dream of yet another World Cup final was so close and yet so far tonight. After holding our own for 119 minutes, Italy finally scored their goal to go up 0:1 and scored the second one minutes after that. So final result Germany 0:2 Italy, we all hoped to get to the penalty kicks, but it wasn’t to be. A deserved victory after two kicks hitting the bar and the crossbar and our chances: 0.

Really sad that our series had to end today instead of the other one (we didn’t lose a match in Dortmund prior to this match and we didn’t win a match against Italy in the WC yet)…nontheless it was fascinating to see all the people still cheering for our national team and keeping their head up – even in defeat. So it’ll be Stuttgart on saturday (against either France or Portugal) instead of sunday in Berlin…

Side note: I’ll try to put up another post with some pics about “my world cup” so far in the next few days…

Sports, sports and sports

Well, we’ve got the Fifa World Cup over here in Germany and everyone sure is excited. Footie is everywhere and you almost can’t escape – not that I wanted to anyway ;)

I was actually in the middle of it last friday. I was in the stadium watching the match Netherlands vs Ivory Coast. What a great match and I can’t even begin to explain the spirit in and around the stadium, unbelievable. Here are some photos taken by my (not so high resolution) mobile phone cam, showing me (in the Eat, Sleep, Code SitePoint Shirt), the stadium and the Premiere broadcasting box which was right there a couple of meters away from us (Premiere is the only PayPerView channel over here in Germany, their expert in the box was Christoph Daum, who is one of our better known coaches – he almost became our national coach a few years back…): World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup
World Cup

In related footie notes: After the lost championship, some of us played footie again for the first time. It was supposed to be a fun “hobby tourney”, but it turned out to be a ankle-busting slugfest…so not much joy, but at least a little time with the ball and some time in the sun with mates…could have been worse ;)

Apart from the whole World Cup thing there are the NBA Finals, which I follow closely – after all Dirk Nowitzki and his Dallas Mavericks are in it. Too bad that they slipped in the third game and failed to take that game down. Instead of a 3-0 lead going into game 4, they were only ahead 2-1 and now the Heat have built up there momentum pretty good. Last night they pulled out yet another tight tight win in overtime to take the series lead 3-2. Now it’s up to Dallas to protect their homecourt to take it down in 7. Goooooooooooo Mavs!

Jam packed exciting Friday

I don’t even know how to start this post, I’m so excited. It’s after 3am and I’m still awake. Why? The NBA Finals are about to start with Game 1 from Dallas, featuring the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat. Why am I that excited? Two words: Dirk Nowitzki

The second time a german player has made it to the NBA Finals – if you don’t remember, Detlef Schrempf was in the Finals with the Sonics, but Michael Jordan’s Bulls denied their quest for the championship. This time it’s a different thing though. Dirk is the leader of the Mavericks and they got a real shot at the title. Let’s see if they can play their game and get Shaq, Wade and the rest off their game.

Jam packed? Yup, as the FIFA Football World Cup 2006 starts tonight – right here in Germany. We’re opening the Footie WC (or Soccer WC for the Americans) against Costa Rica. I’m really looking forward to the whole Cup, not only because it’s here in Germany, but because the Fifa World Cup is one of the most important cups there is, period. What adds to it, is that it is indeed in Germany and I was lucky enough to get some tickets – not for a germany game, but Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast should be a great match too :-)

Now I’m out of here…the Mavs starting lineup is presented now…goooooooo Dirk!

Update: Yes! Mavs 90-80 Heat! Not a particular good game, but tension right down to the wire. Not a good game by Dirk, but Jason Terry took over and that was enough to wrestle down the Heat. So the Mavs take the series lead 1-0, let’s see what sunday’s game two will bring…

Championship lost…again

What a frustrating day. We were, once again, on the verge of winning the championship – an amazing feat considering the fact that we just came into this higher class last year. We played and won our last game on thursday, so no game for us today, but the other team in contention (FV Oberstenfeld) played today. They were down 1-0, pulled level, were down 2-1, pulled level, went ahead 3-2…then Neckarrems pulled level to 3 a piece again, which is the result: 3-3. What does that mean for us? We lost the championship!!! Both them and us won 17 matches, drew 5 matches and lost twice…we even score the same amount of goals (74), but they conceded three less (21 to our 24), so they win the championship….

Side note: if and only if we hadn’t played 2-2 against the bottom team two weeks ago or if we had won with two (we won our match 6-1 on thursday, but the ref only noted a 5-1 win for us)/three more goals on thursday we would have been the champions :-(

Now we will have to play relegation matches again….the first match will be on friday against a fellow second placed Kreisliga B team. The second match will be against the next to last from Kreisliga A, but only if we win the first match…if not, it’ll be a lost season…damn, footie can be cruel sometimes…

New MacBook

Wow…so it’s finally here…the new MacBook (the laptop formerly known as iBook ;-) ). Available in the classic white and now, new, in black too. Cool stuff there. I’m so getting one soonish!!!

Specs of the three models:

  1. White, 13.3-inch widescreen display 1280 x 800 resolution, 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo, 512MB memory (2x256MB SODIMMs), 60GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive, Combo drive (DVD-ROM, CD-RW) – 1.099$ / 1099 €
  2. White, 13.3-inch widescreen display 1280 x 800 resolution, 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo, 512MB memory (2x256MB SODIMMs), 60GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive, SuperDrive (DVD±RW, CD-RW) – 1.299$ / 1299 €
  3. Black, 13.3-inch widescreen display 1280 x 800 resolution, 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo, 512MB memory (2x256MB SODIMMs), 80GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive, SuperDrive (DVD±RW, CD-RW) – 1.499$ / 1499

Now I don’t get the difference in price between the white and black top-model. 200$/€ more for a 80GB HDD along with another color? Seems a little strange to me?!


Well, it’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been a busy time, sort off…I finished my final uni exams (not all results are out yet, but the once I already know are brilliant)…now I’m in the hunt for a internship and then it’s diploma thesis time :-)

Fantasy footie: woohoo! What a comeback. I managed to surpass Mr. Price on the last day to win our little bet, so I’m freerolling into the new season, w00t!










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