Championship lost…again

What a frustrating day. We were, once again, on the verge of winning the championship – an amazing feat considering the fact that we just came into this higher class last year. We played and won our last game on thursday, so no game for us today, but the other team in contention (FV Oberstenfeld) played today. They were down 1-0, pulled level, were down 2-1, pulled level, went ahead 3-2…then Neckarrems pulled level to 3 a piece again, which is the result: 3-3. What does that mean for us? We lost the championship!!! Both them and us won 17 matches, drew 5 matches and lost twice…we even score the same amount of goals (74), but they conceded three less (21 to our 24), so they win the championship….

Side note: if and only if we hadn’t played 2-2 against the bottom team two weeks ago or if we had won with two (we won our match 6-1 on thursday, but the ref only noted a 5-1 win for us)/three more goals on thursday we would have been the champions :-(

Now we will have to play relegation matches again….the first match will be on friday against a fellow second placed Kreisliga B team. The second match will be against the next to last from Kreisliga A, but only if we win the first match…if not, it’ll be a lost season…damn, footie can be cruel sometimes…

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