Oh how good it feels…

…once the pain is gone. The weekend started off on a bad note: tooth pain. Went to see the dentist on friday evening. He did some drilling and filling. The pain seemed to be less, but not gone. Fast forward to saturday night and it feels like a knife is sitting right in one of my teeth’s nerve. Ouch. Pain killers. Sunday: ooh, not better, but worse. So I head to the emergency room and they say there are two explanations:

1. One of my teeth is inflamed

2. One of my teeth is dying

As they’re the emergency room and no dentist, they say that I should take painkillers and wait and see if the pain is gone by tomorrow, if not I should visit my dentist so that he can have a closer look.

Fast forward to monday and I’m still not better, so I head out to my dentist and he drills again. I head home, half my face still numb from the anesthesia, but the pain seems to be the same. So I head back to the dentist another hour later and my doctor is already on his way home. Cool. So I see his colleague – good thing that there are two doctors. He starts the diagnosis again, does some xray, then does some diagnosis again and we identify the tooth that is probably causing the problem. He says that the pain is caused by the nerve and that the only way he can help me is to open the tooth, kill the nerve and inject some medication to fight the infection.

I agree and he injects me with yet another anesthesia and we wait until half my face is numb. *lol*ÂÂ As soon as he opens the tooth and puts his needles and stuff into the root of the tooth, the laughing stops though. Oooooh the pain. The nerve of this tooth doesn’t give a shit about the anesthesiaÂÂ and so I try not to rip the hand rest off the dentist chair as the pain shoots right through me…when he’s finally done, the pain is gone though and I’m happy to report that I’m doing fine today…the only thing that still feels a little weird is a little pain in the surrounding area of the tooth…I guess the tooth doesn’t like to be “killed”…

Oh well…at least I’m back to (almost) normal now…another visit to the dentist later on to check on it and then I’m off to work again tomorrow…

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