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UPDATE: Please head on over to the new home of my plugin: TWITTERUPDATER.COM this post here will not be updated any longer!!!

So, I found this cool plugin posting updates to twitter once you wrote a new blog post (or edited an old one). It’s pretty nice and can be found on the authors, Victoria Chan, site here (v1.1).

Jonathan Dingman then released an update adding tinyurl support (v2.0) which can be found here.

I just edited this v2.0 and replaced the tinyurl-support with support for the new url-shortening service ZZ.GD which results in even shorter short-urls saving more space in the tweet in case a post title is longer…

My new version (v2.07.1) can be found here (please read edits below for more information!!!): Twitter Updater v2.07.1

Known Issues:

  • None atm

Feature requests:

  • Possibility to include post’s category in tweet

1. Download the plugin (see above link.)
2. Unzip the compressed file to your hard drive.
3. Upload the “twitter_updater” folder to your wp-content/plugins folder.
4. Browse to the Plugins page under wp-admin and activate the plugin.
5. Setting the options: Browse to Manage->Twitter Updater.
6. On this page, you can set any options you would like to.
7. IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter your Twitter username and password, then click on “save login”
8. That’s it! Now your status will be updated every time you publish a new post.

Edit (July 15th 2008): Just a quick note…the recent release of WP 2.6 has messed something up. While the plugin continues to work fine in WP version 2.5.1 and older, it keeps firing two updates (one with an invalid in WP 2.6. I’m going to investigate…stand by for news…and hopefully a quick fix.

Edit #2 (July 15th 2008): I’ve identified the culprit…WP2.6 uses post-revisions (saving multiple instances of the post using autosave)…hence the multi-tweet…working on a fix now…

Edit #3 (July 15th 2008): It’s indeed the post-revisions thing, but the quick workaround I tried (disabling post revisions after all) has had some major side-effects (namely edits of posts were not saved anymore)…so I really need to address this issue by checking the post status and ignoring revisions…fix probably coming tomorrow…for the time being please just manually delete the first auto-tweet.

Edit #4 (July 17th 2008): Sorry about the delay, but my computer fried itself today, so I had no time to fix it yet…exciting news forthcoming…as hopefully the fix…stay tuned.

Edit #5 (July 17th 2008): This little plugin has it’s own twitter source parameter now…so it’ll say “from Ingoal’s Twitter Update” instead of “from web” from now on…you can grab the latest version, version 2.02 above…version 2.03 with the bugfix (double-tweet) is still forthcoming…

Edit #6 (July 22nd 2008): Sorry about the delay…but I had something else going on, so it took me a while to write the fix. I deleted some of the options, from now on out you’ll have the update choice to auto-twitter when posting a new post (with or without link using and auto-twittering when editing old posts…that’s it. Compatible to WordPress version 2.6! So if you’re running WP 2.6, please update to version 2.03!!! …and if you’re running WP 2.5.1 or older, please continue to use version 2.02!!! Hat tip to microkid for his hint about identifying WordPress post revisions and auto-saves!!!

Edit #7 (July 27th 2008): Fixed the post-title issue. In the prior version post titles were truncated if they included an ampersand ( & )…this is fixed now…please update.

Edit #8 (July 29th 2008): Introduced alternative method to retrieve the shorturl from (using curl)…please update if you had problems (error message, empty shorturl) and make sure you have a look at the twitter updater page (manage) -> check the new checkbox! If you didn’t have problems you don’t need to do anything…

Edit #9 (August 04th 2008): Introduced a cascading in the shorturl generation. After was down the last two days due to server issues, ppl using the plugin were stuck with empty shorturls. To rectify that situation and keep it from happening in the future the cascade of — was introduced. If is down, the shorturl will be generated using Other cascades might be added in the future, but for now, this one seems to be more than enough.

Edit #10 (October 18th 2008): So…Marco “Saphod” Luthe put up a modded version of the 2.06 version that fixes the future post (and save post) issues. I took the liberty to rename his modded version 2.06 to version 2.07 and I’m officially releasing it here. Thanks again Marco! All you users and readers out there feel free to drop by his site to thank him for the fix…and happy tweeting/twittering….

Edit #11 (November 1st 2008):Corrected tinyurl api url, so that if you’re using tinyurl instead of you’re getting the correct short-url…

115 thoughts on “Twitter updater

  1. Hi Julie,

    sure thing, goto and make sure you get the newest version 2.08 of the plugin, which is the only one compatible with WP2.7. After you uploaded it make sure that you deactivate the plugin and the reactivate it. After that you should be fine…

  2. Hello thanks for the plug-in. I have it installed and activated, but I can’t seem to find the ‘Manage’ link to play around with the options and get it functioning. I’m using I only seem to have the option to activate it or de-activate it.

    Any idea where I should look?

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi there Nathan, well, in version 2.7 the “manage”-section was replaced…you should look under “Tools” ;-)

  4. Hi Ingo,

    I wish you would structure your code more consistently, using tabs with constant width to indent blocks of code, especially with “function”, “if-then-else” etc. It’s a little difficult to search through your code, mate – no offense. :-)

  5. Hi Marco, non taken…it’s obvious that a little refactoring wouldn’t hurt, especially to reduce duplicate code…but as you know time is sparse and so function will follow form for now ;)

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  7. Hey Ingo,

    thanks for you plugin.

    I want to report a bug with headlines containing umlauts (ä,ö,ü). ( see here )

    I’d be glad if you could fix this. Also I’m not entirely sure but for now the plugin only worked on edits and not on publishings ( with wordpress 2.8.4 ).

  8. Every tweet has the tag line ‘from Ingoal’s Twitter Update’ with a link back to this site. How can I change that so it have it refer and link back to my site?


  9. Stevie: yeah, the plugin needs some work to work with 2.8.x again properly…stay tuned for an update…things have been crazy around here, so not much time to develop…

    Dean: Errrm yeah, you would need to get your own code from twitter for that…not really fair if you’re not using your own plugin or similar, now is it…

  10. Hi there kkk and whoever else reported it via this blog or email…yes, I know, and I’m currently working on a new version…checkout in the upcoming days…there’ll be a new version for WP2.9.x soonish…

  11. I posted a new blog today but only part of the title showed up on my tweet and the link didn’t show up at all.

  12. Now I use plugins wp to twitter for update my blog to twitter account automatically , it’s work for me. :-)

  13. Hello …

    I got this error while using the plugin.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_is_post_revision() in /home//wp-content/plugins/twitter_updater/twitter_updater.php on line 102

    Version: 2.08
    WP Version: 2.51

    No update in my twitter, when i edit my post, my admin post page becomes blank, although it is saved.

    Thanks how to fix …

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