I hate when computers go poof

Today was one of these days. Sit down at computer, do some small stuff…get the feeling that it’s totally sluggish. Hmmm, it’s windows after all and has been running for two weeks straight now…oh well, let’s reboot. Poof. Bad idea. System doesn’t come up again and throws the black screen of death. This or that driver is missing or damage.

Okay, let’s do a repair. Repair done – same problem.

Okay let’s do a restore to system restore point “yesterday” – not working.

Okay let’s do a restore to system restore point “two days ago” – not working.

Okay…all system restore points aren’t working. Groovy. Why did the system do them again? Sigh.

Okay, let’s do a repair install. Errm yeah, (upgrade aka repair) only possible when started from within the “old” install. Errm yeah, genius…I need the repair out of pure desperation…not because my system isn’t coming up you dumb***…sigh.

Oh well…burned up the whole afternoon and evening and now I’ve gotta do a clean install anyway…bad beat right there…

2 thoughts on “I hate when computers go poof

  1. We have all been there. This week it took me nearly 4 days to realize that the dead battery in my 6 month motherboard was bad. I was so frustrated when I had to reinstall Grub on every morning boot up.

    Now things run fine.

    Not a full time Mac or Linux user?

  2. Ooops, totally missed your comment…well, not really, I’m a full time Windows user and while I enjoy using linux every now and then (Virtual Machine), it will never be my main OS as there are just too many tools that aren’t available for it (and I don’t see the point in running an emulator – why use a different OS if the most apps are made for another OS in the first place…)…

    As for Mac OS…I never tried that so far, I just don’t see the point in shelling out major bucks for a system (that is not all that different from my current one (e.g. modern dual core processor, the whole other she-bang and a 24″ monitor)), just because they decided a long time ago that their ( “best OS around” ) will only work on their machines…newsflash for them: yeah, it might be the “best OS around”, but it’s easier to develop an OS that runs on a handfull of different configuration than it is to write one that runs on basically ALL configurations…just think about it…comparing apples and oranges (pun intended) ;)

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