Well, it was about time that I bought something bargain style again. So I won an auction on ebay for an additional paper-feeder for my color laser printer (Apple Laser Writer Color 12/600PS – old school but still running very good and cheap with page prices of under 6 cents). What did I pay? 2.50 Euro :-)
It was sort of backbreaking to get the printer on that thing, but now it’s up and running and my “beast” is now fully equipped (maximum stage of expansion: 40MB Ram, 2×250 paper-feeder, etc).

As I was on a roll, so to speak, I decided to put my spare dvd-burner Sony DRU700a to good use by inserting it into my second pc (AMD Athlon XP 1800+ machine). Now I can burn “stereo style” – not that I really need it or something, but this way I can be sure to get almost everything burned regardless of the medium used (my LG had written everything I had thrown at it so far, but today it rejected some grade B media branded “Gate 24” – now I’m happy that I’ve got the second burner, because the Sony likes them).

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