TV series galore

Well, recently I spent quite some time catching up with new and old tv series. Roseanne was a real flashback…I can still laugh out loud when I see that one. Some of the old series I enjoyed for a long time are still running, so I have to follow these, namely emergency room, gilmore girls, smallville, las vegas and 7th heaven. Now I added some new ones to my every groing “need to watch” list:

1. NBC’s heroes – I absolutely love this one, I just can’t get enough, I’m really looking forward to every single episode, it’s just so thrilling.

2. Are you smarter than a 5th grader – rofl. This concept is so funny (and embarrassing for the candidates)!!!

3. COPS – how could I miss this all this time?!

4. American Chopper – always entertaining, I just love the custom bikes…

5. Poker After Dark (I don’t need to get too deep into this one and the following one, you can always checkout my pokerblog for more on poker)

6. High Stakes Poker – so addictive.

…and by just looking at that list of stuff I realize, I watch too much TV ;)

Star Wars Episode III

Just came back from Cinemaxx Stuttgart. Today I finally had the chance to see Star Wars Episode III – Die Rache der Sith (or Revenge of the Sith for all the english speaking fellows).

I have to say it’s by far the best episode of the “new trilogy”! Finally the story is complete: you know how Lea & Luke were born, how Anakin turned into Darth Vader and how he got all the injuries which require him to wear his black suit and all, you see characters like Chewbacca for the first time (on his home planet Kashyyyk), etc etc

I would recommend this movie to everyone and I’m looking forward to see it again sometime soonish (probably on DVD)…

My rating: 5/5