Indoor footie tournament reloaded

We’re playing the “Bottwartal Turnier” tomorrow. This should be fun, at least I hope so! This is the one indoor tournament at the beginning of the 2nd part of the season were all footie clubs out of the near surroundings compete for the cup, so no hobby players.

I’ll post an update tomorrow morning…let’s see how it goes…hopefully a little better than last year (we won the first two matches and lost all remaining games)…

Update:: The tourney went quite well, although it was up and down and didn’t seem to end. We started to play shortly after noon and had our last match shortly after 6pm. Our results: LWLWLWL, so three wins, 4 losses…better than last year. On another note: noone was (seriously) injured on our squad which is good news, although there are some minor injuries. A team-mate banged up his knee a little bit, all players have abrasions from the nasty indoor floor and I banged up my right wrist while taking a fall on the slippery floor. It really hurts and I’ll wait till tomorrow to see if the hand /arm is getting better or worse, I hope that it’s “only” a sprain…

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