TuS Freiberg 1-5 FC Marbach II

The last match before the winter break was not something to remember. We were superior most of the match and went ahead 0-1 through a direct free kick. Then the inevitable happened: our defenders missed a ball and they came right back at us for the 1-1 equalizer. We didn’t play nervous though and were able to come right back at the with 1-2 before the half-time break. After the break we were the more focussed team once again and were able to score another 3 goals to make it 1-5. Bad news though: as one of the Freiberg’s player fell on one of our defenders he was knocked out cold with a skull contusion.

Fabian Kirschner, 2 Goals, 1 Assist
Stefan Holter, 1 Goal
Timo Striegel, 2 Goals

After 13 matches we’re in second place and everything is looking good for the rest of the season (play will resume on March 12th 2006):

  1. FV Oberstenfeld, 30 points
  2. FC Marbach II, 30 points
  3. TSV Neckargroeningen, 28points

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