Roundup 25.11.2005

Busy times, so not many posts in recent days. I’m the the middle of building up my domain-portfolio and I picked up a dedicated server (as mentioned in an earlier post) along the way, which was giving me all sorts of problems. The most urgent problem was the “small amount” of bandwidth included (“only” 200 GB) which were gone pretty quickly. So I had a decision to make: either stick with this server and pay additional fees for the traffic over the limit (probably each and every month) or switch to a bigger server with more bandwith included. I decided to go with the latter and ordered the following beast last week:

  • Opteron 146 (2.0 GHz, 64bit, 1000 FSB, 1MB Cache)
  • 1GB Ram
  • 2x 160GB HDD
  • Emergency remote console
  • Unlimited bandwidth (or should I say unmetered as there truely is no such thing as an unlimited connection)

Then I was stuck with the next problem: after waiting for a week and seeing the old server hit way over the bandwidth limit I contacted support about the status of the server. Sure enough they are backloged on this particular server and it could be another two weeks until the new server arrived. Groovy, not! So I told support that I was totally NOT satisfied with this and they offered me an interim server (without charge) and I accepted. So now some of the more resource consuming sites (Proxytastic, etc) are located on the interim server (AMD Athlon 64 3200+).

As for new sites:
After the success of I decided to add two more similiar sites to the network:

  1. using the PHProxy script
  2. using the CGI Proxy script

Fantasy footie:
Well, it seems that I’m slowly and steadily catching up with Mr. Price’s SPAM AND CHEESE XI squad…go INVINCIBLES RELOADED!

Mr. Price’s score: 31 pts (411 total)
Ingoal’s score: 35 pts (392 total)

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