Live Poker Reloaded

So, we went at it again tonight with a huge turnout of 11 players this time. So 11 x 10 Euro equals a pot of 110 Euro. As prior losers were feeling sad (and rightly so) due to our “winner takes it all” approach we decided to split the pot tonight:

  • First place: 70 Euro
  • Second place: 30 Euro
  • Third place: 10 Euro

We started with two tables (one 6 player table and one 5 player table) and decided that the final 6 would make the final table for the pot. I was located at the 6 player table and survived the elimination round to goto the final table with roughly 25 Euro. I was able to hold on to my chips almost until the end and I made the bubble. As soon as I knew that I was in the money I decided to play chances and busted out in 3rd place – paying out my 10 Euro buy-in…so nothing gained nothing lost…alrighty. Bianca (the only woman in our poker round) held on to her chip lead and busted out Thomas in second place to walk away with the second biggest payout of our recent tournaments: 70 Euro.

As it was rather early (1am) we decided to play another round with a lower buy-in: 5 Euro. I played along with 6 other players and we decided that it was time for a winner takes it all style match. I survived until the end, but busted out on the short stack when my 10-7 was outdrawn by a K-5…so another 2nd place to my statistics….

Bottom Line: played live poker all night and went out with 5 Euro less than I started with, but with two final tables (and finals – the last players to battle for the money) to my record…not a bad way to finish a saturday night – although I would have loved to take at least one pot…but hey, I don’t complain and there’s always another rematch sometime in the near future ;-)

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