No carribean adventure for me

After catching a cold deck early on, I thought I had the nuts again (Q-Q) with only one player left in the pot…unfortunately he had 10-10 in his hands and called my 400 pre-flop raise…just to catch me down the line with another 10 on the board. How unlucky can one be?

Oh well…so I finished in 1217th place of the inaugural PokerStars Blogger Championship…I guess the tournament will be running for another few hours, so I’ll update this post later on.


  • 1473 bloggers entered
  • First 99 places get prices
  • Jeremy Wright of Ensight finished in 1390th place
  • Patrick O’Keefe of ifroggy finished in 1078th place
  • After 5h 52min of play the tournament is down to heads up: simonvlc vs easy_wind (chip leader 2,3mil
  • After 5h 55min we’ve got a winner: easy_wind will represent the blogger world on the carribean adventure!!! Congrats!

3 thoughts on “No carribean adventure for me

  1. Yeah, lol. Well, I lasted until about 5:00 when I bet all in (1350) on a pair of 4’s and lost. heh

    Was fun, though.

  2. Hehe…well, similiar to my experience then: busted despite holding a pocket pair…oh well…nontheless it was fun, especially watching the final table!

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