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Wow! I just had a look at the brand-new Apple iPod nano and I gotta say I’m impressed. As far as I can tell this one should replace the iPod mini and fill the void between the ultra-small iPod shuffle and the standard iPod.

Here’s a pic:

the iPod nano in white

Now I’m really wondering if I should get myself this baby or look out for a bargain on a mini?!
The nano costs 199 Euro (2GB) / 249,01 Euro (4GB) with free delivery and free laser engraving – and you gotta say that it’s just so slim and small and has got a color-display… :-)

More infos on the Apple homepage

2 thoughts on “Apple iPod nano

  1. I personally don’t understaned why anyone would buy the ipod Nano over the Ipod. It is only 4gb’s.

    Is it not worth the extra $50 for the additional 16gb’s? Or the extra $150 for the additional 56gb’s?

    Also the ads they have been running here in the US are slightly deceptive, they indicate you get the 4gb Nano for $200 but as you see at the link below it is in fact $249, WTF?

  2. Well, I can’t say anything about the US ads as I don’t get any US stations here (apart from some shows which are shown on NBC Europe and the like), at least the homepage clearly states the true prices 199$ (2GB)/ 249$ (4GB) now…on another note: are you sure there’s no little star or something linking to a tiny tiny footprint saying “…starting from…” :-) – wouldn’t be the first time, now would it?

    As far as the price differnce goes: true, you can get 16GB more space for an extra 50$ (or Euro if you’re in europe)…color display and all…hmm…I guess it’s just the smallness of this thing which is so attractive…

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