New HDD arrived

Today my new hdd arrived. A lovely Samsung SP1614N, 160GB – 8MB Cache :-)

Now I can finally do a more than needed reinstall of my main workstation, which will be equipped with this new hdd which will replace the “old” second hdd (IBM 60GB) – which will in return be put into my third pc (currently running without a hdd – Knoppix) enabling me to install a linux distro. I’m still pondering which way to go: it’s going to be either Debian or SUSE. I’ll keep you updated…

4 thoughts on “New HDD arrived

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  3. Well, Gentoo was in the top 5, but I wasn’t sure whether this would work properly with my wlan setup. After having a look at the docs I guess it would work okay though (at least in 802.11 mode = 11MBit) which would be just enough as this third pc will be a simple surfstation for members of my family…so I might as well try it. I’ll keep you updated – and might be buggin you if I choose to go Gentoo and run into problems ;-)

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