…and we’re finally back

After a weekend from hell, we’re finally back. On friday evening I received a disturbing text message from my hoster, my server has been disabled due to outgoing DoS attacks. After that one I decided it was time to move on and do a server reinstall as the server has been exploited before, so it was a good time to switch to a new Operating System. So I did that all of saturday and all seemed well, although some stuff was lost (backup-scripts not fetching subdomains, etc)…but the main problem remained a dns issue that kept my sites from being accessible. Today I finally got a hold of a server guru at my hoster and he found out what was wrong quickly. D’oh. The install of plesk had a wrong standard setting, it blocked ingoing DNS-request, nice firewall config…NOT…D’oh. So now everything is back up and running again…minus a few sites which databases needs to be recovered…I’m doing just that now…wheeeeeeee….le’s hope all goes well…I certainly hope so….

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