– a nice new revenue stream for me

It’s been a while since I’ve been looking for new ways to monetize my blogs. To my surprise there is a new, in my humble opinion, cool way to earn some money blogging. The site is called payperpost
and the concept of it is quite simple.

If you’re a blogger, you signup and register your blog with the site. As soon as your blog has been accepted into the program (which didn’t take longer than a few minutes with, you can wander around the “open opportunities” section and see who’s willing to spend money on blog posts.

The listings include all the information you need: the requirements you need to fulfill (e.g. minimum PageRank, Alexa Score), the blog categories that the advertiser is willing to accept (e.g. General Entertainment, General Technology, Sports/Outdoor Recreation, etc) and if the advertiser requires disclosure (that your post is payed advertisement). Once you found an offer which is appealing to you (either topic- and/or money-wise), you can take the opportunity and get right to it. Once you’re done writing the post (and pasting the required tracking codes into the post), you submit the title and url of the blog post and wait for approval and you’re done. Easy as 1-2-3.

A beautiful feature is that you can either keep the money or you can donate it to a good cause (e.g. Red Cross) right away, how cool is that. Now, you might ask yourself why I would consider PayPerPost as I experimented with other pay per (blog) post sites. The answer is easy, because they won’t take a huge cut out of your earnings which means more net income for you. So, if you’re looking for another revenue stream for your blog, check out!

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