…why did I stay up till 5 am this morning…Well, I thought it was a good idea to add a little Configuration Management System, namely MamboServer, to the site I’m currently working on. So I thought that it would be no problem to move the Gallery to a subfolder (it was sitting right in the root of the domain)…big mistake. It’s indeed nearly impossible to move a gallery once installed in a directory or maybe it’s just me…but I don’t think so.

So after a short night’s sleep I got up at 10am and after drinking loads of coffee and coke I’m well awake, but not quite feeling good as I’ve been working on the Uni Project all day (actually I’m still sitting here at the Fraunhofer Institute atm). Now it’s about time to go home…then maybe do a little editing of the site, yet again…and then it’s time to relax and hopefully get some rest on the couch :-)

Ergo: Moving stuff in the middle of the night isn’t a good idea, even though it might look to be one right then ;-)