Finding the culprit and WordPress support

After waiting and waiting and waiting on someone to have a look at my post on the WordPress support forums – without any luck – I decided trying again, finding the culprit that was causing the posts to be empty that is, not to post on the forums again.

In the end, I did nothing more or less than what I did right after the move. I don’t know why it is, but as you can see, it worked…although it didn’t work last time…hmm…weird stuff there…and although I can’t exactly figure out what went wrong here, I’m glad that everything seems to be working again.

…which brings me to the WordPress support forums: No offence guys, but my experience (granted that I tried/needed them for the first time in, well, something like 3 years) was horrible. No responses, no hints, no questions, nothing and it’s not that I didn’t try to provide as much info as I could on my problem…this is really disappointing, but hey…’s all good, I know how forums work, it’s all based on voluntary basis and well, if it’s on volunatary basis (aka you don’t pay anything for it), you can’t/shouldn’t complain if you don’t get anything out of it. So, no offence when I say: I just know that next time I run into a problem with WordPress again, I won’t even bother posting in the “troubleshooting” area, as it’s a complete waste of not worth my time…or as the orangutan from Doctor Doolittle would say: “Gracias por nada”

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