Live Poker Mania

Tonight was our poker night (second time we played Texas Hold’em). News today: 9 players at the table bringing the total pot to 90 Euro (we play winner takes it all!). Live action, which is really different to playing online as you can try to get a tell on your opponents along with other opportunities like talking some trash etc. After catching minor hands early I was able to catch the chip lead for a while and outlasted 7 players to play heads up for the pot. After 3 hands, which I was forced to play due to the huge blinds (6.40 Euro small blind / 12.80 Euro big blind – total chip count at the table 90 Euro as we hand out chips 1:1), everything came down to a coin flip hand which I lost…so close and yet so far…

Because this whole little tournament only lasted for little over 3 hours we discussed about playing a second round with smaller Buy-In (5 Euro each)…8 players, including me, decided to play again and after catching some nice hands during the whole time I was able to enter the final showdown (heads up) again with a minor chip lead. After catching a nice hand early on (A-10) I was able to “steal” the blinds, then folded a dismal hand (5-2), then caught the other player (who was down to 8 Euro in chips because he was in the big blind at the time) so I raised him to All-In…

Ingoal’s hand: K-Q
opponent’s hand: A-3

As the flop show K-8-5 I was out in front but still worried about him catching an ace, that never happened though as Queen came on the turn and a nice little Queen sealed the deal on the river :-)

So I won the 40 Euro pot, deduct my own buy-in of 5 Euro and I won 35 Euro…deduct my 10 Euro buy-in from the first tournament and I won 25 Euro in total. Nice.

Ingoal’s stats of the night:

  • Tournaments played: 2
  • Buy-In: Total of 15 Euro
  • Final Showdown: both times!
  • Net winnings: 25 Euro
  • Final Rank (I): 2nd of 9
  • Final Rank (II): 1st of 8

What a nice evening, although I still would have loved to win the first pot, but hey, who doesn’t? If you don’t come to win, don’t come at all ;-)

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