Poker Mania…

…or I think I should slow down juuuust a little bit ;-)

In preparation for the blogger tournament on sunday I got myself into some more tournaments today…2 with a smaller number of players (than yesterday) and a final heads up match to close out my session….

  • No Limit Hold’em
  • Buy-In: 1$ + 0.20$ fee
  • 45 players
  • top 7 “in the money”
  • Tournament one (starting 6:57pm ET, I came in just short of the final table in 11th position – desperate on a short stack I decided to go all in with my A-6 but was out matched by a Q-Q (which in turn out matched another player going all in holding a A-Q)…time played 1h 16min
  • Tournament two (starting 8:23pm ET, I just didn’t find any cards and wasn’t able to steal pots due to some major chip hogs at the table…after 36min I was gone in 30th place – hand that killed me 6-Q vs. my 10-Q, Flop: 5-7-Q (wee!), turn: 10 (weeeeeee!), river: 8 (d’oh!))…

As I was unsatisfied with this result I decided to try my luck with some heads up play (why mess with x opponents when you can face off 1on1?), but as I’m not all that used to playing heads up in Texas Hold’em (yet) I decided not to play No Limit, but fixed limit (going up with the increasing blinds):

  • Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Players: 2 (d’oh!)
  • Buy-In: 5$ + 0.25$ fee
  • Winner takes all (10$)
  • Starting time: 9:27ET
  • End of play: 22:04ET
  • Result: Ingoal wins!!!

So my poker day (night – already 4am around here) ends on a high note and I’m now just shy of breaking even again (winning back almost the complete fees of all prior tournaments in one game) :-)

Night all :mrgreen:

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