Second online poker tournament

Well, what can I say: the no limit hold’em bug has bitten me big time! Nothing much todo today so I decided to play another tournament:

  • Buy-In: 2$ + 0.20$ (fee)
  • 874 players entered the tournament
  • Places 1-81 “in the money”
  • Starting time: 5pm (my time zone) / 11am (ET)
  • Starting blinds: 10/20 no antes
  • Starting chip count: 1500
  • My Goal: Play at least 2h and/or get “into the money”

After 30 minutes there were 587 remaining players, my chip count was 1625 with the best hand of (Q-Q)-Q-6-6 so far. Nothing much in the cards for me until the first break (after 1h): remaining players 352, my chip count 1100 (short stack). Shortly after the break I was looking at the lovely Hilton Sisters (Q-Q) again and bet 450$ in late position – just to be reraised all-in by a fellow short stack player. I read it to be a steal of the blinds and went over the top – All-In! He called an showed me his poket rocket (A-A) :-(

The flop, turn and river brought no help for either side so I was eliminated in 323rd place (after 1h 12min of play) :-(

You finished in 323rd place (eliminated at hand #2848744496).

70 hands played and saw flop:
– 2 times out of 8 while in small blind (25%)
– 6 times out of 8 while in big blind (75%)
– 5 times out of 54 in other positions (9%)
– a total of 13 times out of 70 (18%)

Pots won at showdown – 1 out of 2 (50%)
Pots won without showdown – 1

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