All In…

…or how to win a Texas Hold’em Poker Match.

In case you wonder what this post title is all about: yes, I’m a poker player and I’m passionate about it. Tonight we played our first Texas Hold’em match (we used to play 5 card stud poker, where every player has got 5 private cards and that’s it). We don’t gamble for huge wagers, usually it’s 10 Euro (around 12US$ or 7 british pounds) per person and that’s it…so as we’re usually 5-8 players that means that there are 50-80Euro in the pot.

What is the result? Due to our set time limit of 2am there was no overall winner (usually we play until one player has got all the chips). Sad, but hey, I don’t complain as I walked away with a nice stash besides loosing the chip-lead twice and regaining it near the end of play.

Starting basis:

7 players, all bringing 10 Euro to the table. Rules: small blind 20 cent, big blind 40 cent, no all-in until only 3 players remain…time limit 2am

Final result:

Ingoal 25 Euro
Nico 25 Euro
Thomas 20 Euro
Rest: 0 Euro

It would have been really nice to play it till the end, but I don’t complain as I walked away with +15 Euro. Nonetheless it would have been interesting to see how people would have played if there was no time limit…so I guess we will play without a time limit next time…maybe the outcome will be different then…who knows?!

Ingoal’s best hands of the night:

  • three nines
  • flush of numerous clubs

Now I’m really looking forward to the bloggers’ tournament on – hopefully the cards will fall my way and if not, no worries as there’s no buy-in :mrgreen:

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