New Premiership started…

…some weeks ago and although I didn’t post about it yet I’m playing the telegraph fantasie footie game again – and so far it’s looking good for me, although it’s looking even better for Mr. Price. As usual we’ve got our little bet going once again: the manager who finishes beneath the other manager is going to pay for next round’s account (hopefully I’ll win again this time…it’s 1-1 so far).

So far there have been played 3..4 matches so far (some teams are one game behind) and it’s really looking good this time:

  1. Mr. Price, 140 points total
  2. another player
  3. Ingoal, 132 points total

:mrgreen: – I’ll be posting updates regularly again from now on (scores are updated on wednesdays, so that’s when I’m going to post the current standings).

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