New season starts…with an impressive win!

Today was the start of the new football season. This year we’re in “Kreisliga B – Staffel 2” which is one league above the “Kreisliga C” in which we played last season. After a bumpy preparation period (lots of teammates were either on vacation or not really keen on doing all the conditioning and so we weren’t really able to train all the stuff you should train in a preparation period) and all the preseason losses (4 matches played, W-D-L=0-0-4) we weren’t too sure about how well we would fare against TuS Freiberg (who went through relegation from Kreisliga A last season).

How did we do then? FC Marbach II 5-0 TuS Freiberg :-)
After being up 3-0 at half time we missed numerous chances (including a penalty kick) in the second half and so the 5-0 could have been even higher.

Side note: Nope, I didn’t play as I handed in my resignation from active play after last season/prior to this season as I didn’t see a chance to get a decent amount of playing time. Nontheless I’m still training (I was the only one on the team to participate in all preseason training sessions) and I’m ready and willing to step up again if we’re short of players…

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