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This seems like something that will really spark discussion around the blogosphere and hopefully it’ll prevent some spammers from spamming, although I doubt it: what the hell do they care about the PR of a link that spammed into my blog? It’s either hard to even get something through (multi-layer antispam) and even if something slips through it’s just a matter of time until it’s deleted – I don’t think that the PR update will even recognize this?! And what about people posting interesting stuff in comments – doesn’t such a link have any value?

I’ll abstain from installing it atm though as I value links in comments, as long as they aren’t from some spam-bot, which should hopefully be caught anyway.

On another note: this might as well prove itself useful for linking to people without giving them credit, which was impossible so far.

More can be read at Google’s info page

The WP Plugin.

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  1. Nope, haven’t seen that before…I shall have a look later on. Thanks for the suggestion.

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