Do we need to compete in everything?

I’m just wondering what’s next. I mean okay it’s normal that manufacturers of both soft- and hardware are competing with more and more innovation, eyecandy and loads of (sometimes totally unnecessary features) to catch the eye of the consumer – let’s see: AMD vs. Intel, Nvidia vs. ATi, PC vs. Apple, etc etc. This is both groovy and necessary as it’s the only way that products can improve and ultimatively become affordable to the regular user. That’s some good competition…

Today I browse around some news sites and see that users are competing in new categories now, too. Back in the days when I was one of the dudes who would buy new stuff right when it came out the main goal was to have a kick-arse system which was faster than the pc of your fellow geeks. Nowadays this is still important, but it seems to me that the “look” or “coolness”-factor of your pc is more important than the performance itself. How would I know? I just found out that on April 16th 2005 there will be the 4th annual german case modding championship (see here). Wow! How could I miss this for the last three years? Something this important.
Note: lie ;-)

On another note: I’ve got a “modded” case, too…a limited edition painted one with a window, but that’s about it, no 100 blue/red/green-leds, no flashlights or whatever. The only really reasonable case-mod to me is a silencer mod (silent fans, passive cooling solutions and the like), but I guess I won’t win any prices with that :-)

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