PHP syntax highlighting added

In the process of posting about my newest addition of gravatar support I encountered some the “problem” that php code isn’t displayed all that nicely within posts. So I search a little and came up with PHPizer which is doing some nice php syntax highlighting now. Thumbs up to the author :-)

7 thoughts on “PHP syntax highlighting added

  1. Sorry, but that is only working for posts…not comments ;-)
    …and the answer is 2 :-)

  2. Ingoal, I think that you should try out my plugin iG:Syntax Hiliter. It supports 14 more languages besides PHP & is quite a lot customisable. Also, the code hilited by iG:Syntax Hiliter is copy-paste friendly while that’s not the case with PHPizer hilited code. Also, iG:Syntax Hiliter offers line numbering, fixed length code boxes with scrollbars, ability to start line numbers at any number & lots more. :)

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